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NZKC Rally-O is recognised as an official dog sport code by the New Zealand Kennel Club

Fun Quizzes

The Rally-O Subcommittee has developed a few fun quizzes to test your knowledge of everything Rally-O. You can try each one as many times as you like. The correct answers will be displayed. Enjoy!

Rally-O Notification Items August 2018

New Rally-O Regulations January 2019

Rally-O Encore Class Quiz 1

Rally-O Encore Class Quiz 2

Rally-O General Quiz 1

Rally-O General Quiz 2

Rally-O Novice Class Quiz 1


Test your knowledge with one of the Dogs NZ Rally-O quizzes.

Photographers A Dozen Dogs, Animals In Action and Matilda von Rijnbeck have supplied us with some amazing photos of dogs doing Rally-O.

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